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Making firewood

Are you looking for the best way to make firewood? Search no more! The NO-AXE is a safe and simple tool for splitting logs.



The NO-AXE is a unique tool for making firewood. Invented by Arjan & Arjan from Culemborg, the Netherlands. A safe tool for making firewood. Splitting logs is possible up to a thickness of 20 cm. Simply place the log onto the NO-AXE and strike it with a hammer to split it. Could it be simpler?



The blade is positioned in a slanted fashion and the wood splitter has a support for the log. The log will stay put, giving you freedom to use both hands in order to strike with the hammer. The NO-AXE is safely mounted on a base log using wood screws. Since you will not be wielding an axe but instead, a hammer, there's no risk of injuring your knees or legs. Also, you won't need to hold the wood, which prevents injuries to the hands. The pieces fall to the sides, away from you. There is no risk of being struck by flying pieces. The blade is protected by a sleeve which can be attached to the backside of the NO-AXE during use.

An ideal tool for young and old.

NO-AXE houtklover op stronk


The mallet does the work. The weight of the mallet enables you to split large logs without effort. The back support and the slanted blade ensure that the log will stay put.



Using the NO-AXE is so effortless, that you'll easily produce a full sack of firewood. Logs of various shapes (round, crooked, etc.) kan easily be split into usable pieces of firewood.


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