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Variant: Wood splitter, blank steel without hammer


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The traditional NO-AXE is designed in the Netherlands and is therefore 100% produced in the Netherlands, and we are proud of that.

The NO-AXE Wood Splitter ensures that you can split wood quickly , easily and safely . And that applies to everyone. From young to old and from handy to clumsy.

With the solid rubber NO-AX Hammer You can make kindling within 1 or 2 strokes that you can use to light a lovely fire.

The traditional NO-AXE is made of sheet steel. This immediately means that the product will develop a thin orange oxidation layer over time. This does not harm the product, in fact, this is precisely the purpose and charm of the product. It is important that you protect the blade of the NO-AXE after use with the supplied rubber protection, so that the blade of the NO-AXE does not rust.

Are you not a big fan of the rusty look of the NO-AXE? That's no problem, we have one too galvanized version . This special layer ensures that your NO-AXE will almost never rust.


The NO-AXE is made to split kindling up to a maximum diameter of 20cm.

✔️ 100% Made in The Netherlands


✔️ 100% Dutch Design

✔️ Blank Steel


  • 100% Nederlandse productie: Ontworpen en geproduceerd in Nederland.
  • Veilig en gemakkelijk houtkloven: Geschikt voor iedereen.
  • Efficiënt aanmaakhoutjes maken: Slechts 1-2 slagen nodig.
  • Duurzame plaatstalen constructie: Ontwikkelt een charmevolle oxidatielaag.
  • Roestbescherming: Inclusief rubberen bescherming voor het mes.


At NO-AXE we are 100% convinced of our products. And that is why we give a 10-year warranty on our products. This warranty is for product and manufacturing defects and not for wear and tear. It is therefore still important that you assemble your product properly and maintain it properly. And of course that you use the right products. Always use a heavy rubber hammer when splitting and never a hammer made of material other than rubber.


When you order something, you want it delivered quickly. And that is why we aim to deliver the products within two working days. This is done by our transporter GLS and almost always goes smoothly. If something is wrong, please contact us and we will always resolve it for you.


We are convinced of our product and naturally strive for satisfied customers. You can always return your product if it is really not to your satisfaction. Fortunately, we can easily offer this because it has never happened that someone did not like a NO-AXE. If you still want to return the product, please return it neatly in the original box and we will ensure that you get your money back or a replacement product is delivered.

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